I’ll pray for you

When I said I would pray for you that day…I really meant it. And I had good intentions.

But then I got to thinking…when you asked me to pray for you…were you asking specifically for me to pray guidance for you and wisdom or were you asking me to pray that God would have things line up how you wanted them?

And really I am sure that I have offered this same type of plaintive request with little background and just assumed that people were praying what I was. It rarely crossed my mind that perhaps what they prayed for me was just what I needed…truth shining bright, a new journey left upon, a change in season.

And its only in your asking me to pray, in the midst of a situation that tears me open right to my core, that has me wondering if you really want me to pray for you.

Because I am operating on the assumption that you operate alot like me and assume that perhaps my prayers will echo those in your heart…but I am not so sure they do.

And I haven’t prayed too much cause I don’t know much of where to begin…except for plaintive cries of “God, what do I DO in the midst of this?”

So when I pray it will be that He will be MADE KNOWN in your life, that you will SEE TRUTH and yearn for it and that whatever lays ahead that HE will remain your first love.

My friend reminded me the other day, when I shared how deeply my heart aches for you, that our Father loves you more than I do…that He is a God that woos in a still small voice, that He longs for you and relationship with you even more than the friendship that we share.

So I will strive to pray whole-heartedly for you, to lift you up before Him and to surrender you into His hands.

You are loved dear one.


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