A Letter…to build a bridge

I’ve been a bridge burner for quite some time. I’m not really sure what takes me there…maybe its the light of it all going up in flames or perhaps I’m afraid that something in the past will catch up with me, but either way I’m really good at leaving those bridges between me and you, in tatters.

I’ve made judgement that were based on my own insecurities, and I’ve held them up at truth. And when I see your face, all I can remember is what I first laid claim to your name as…Cold, Brutal, Unfeeling, Un-moving, Aloof. And yet, I knew nothing of who you were, who you are…or where your story had taken you.

And now, we shall meet again. We shall see each other face to face, and I pray that this time…instead of burning bridges just to watch them burn, I’ll make  sure that I’m out there putting down new wood where the old is starting to break through…and that as we tentatively step one towards the other, that perhaps this bridge won’t give out, that those judgments I’ve made that were so unfounded will be flung with abandon and purpose, over the side of the bridge to fall lake bottom deep and allow us to start over.

I seek His forgiveness, and I seek your forgiveness. My offenses are unknown to you, but they lay heavy on my heart. I pray that I shall seek to release my hold on what I thought was true, and get to know the real you. Your outward appearance speaks to me of who you appear to be, but there is a depth greater to you than I have encountered. I pray my heart will be healed, and reading and waiting to make these new memories, to tread these boards together and to potentially walk hand in hand over this bridge.

Whatever the outcome, I pray that I will desire to build up bridges that I have in the past had my first reaction of self-protection to burn them down…and that this heart change will allow me to be vulnerable and truthful, and give my judgement and accusations into the hands of One who can fling them far and wide…and replace them with the truth of who each of us is IN HIM, whether we are completely reconciled in this lifetime or not.

This is the beginning of laying the boards down one by one, seeing the other side and seeking to reach it one board at a time….as we build up rather than tear down.



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