Profound Tolkien

all that is gold2

In the midst of the solemn quiet
I stepped forward to recieve
a mark upon my forehead
a symbol, a reminder

from ashes you have come,
the intonation,
to ashes you will return
and I felt the mark fully

My skin had been marked
the words had been uttered
and I thought that would be
the end of it

the holy moment would pass
I would remember
it would remind of fraility
and i’d move forward

but then these words hit me
‘from the ashes a fire shall be woken’
and I knew that I had seen it
all wrong

Because its true
we’re all in the process of dying
our crowning scream of birth
starts the scent of decay

and yet these same ashes
that mark us as mere humanity
are not the dead rememberings
that I thought them to be

Instead there is fire in those ashes
hidden deep, almost submurged
and perhaps in their coldness
they’ve lost some of their stinging power

But its there, your heart begins
a slow murmer of awakening
and the ash smudge on your forehead
it seeps deep, and begins a soul burn

for you are remembering
that it was His breathe
that animated humanity at beginning
and his timetable the figures the end

and yet in the midst of this span
there is a reminder of our frailty
and a calling to LIVE forth
in the days we’ve been given

the mark on my forehead is temporary
these ashes have long since cooled
and yet the fire they have ignited
is slow burn into raging passion

Let me live.

By Janel Andrews     Written Mar 6/2014


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