Letter to the Hungry

I don’t remember what day it was…perhaps right after Thanksgiving.

Life was looking different than I had imagined (when doesn’t it). And I was looking for a new church.

Being away from my ‘home church’ for a couple years had been good for me. Allowed me to discern somethings for myself, allowed me to make my beliefs my own. Allowing me to see freedom in places where rules had been my legislature.

There has been raising of hands, communion with tears running down my face, challenges from the Scriptures… a yearning in my heart to be known.

Coming back home after a change in career path, I was devastated. Everything I’d worked towards to this point had just blown up in my face…and I didn’t know who to blame. It hurt soul deep and I wondered if I’d ever heard His voice at all.

I heard about this church that had begun meeting in the high-school I had attended years ago. I asked my mom to come with me, to check it out…she was willing to give it a try. We sat on the left side of the auditorium, facing the stage and the music began to swell. The fold down chairs filled up and people began to greet one another. The music seemed to pulse through my soul (I think that bass might have been turned up a bit too much that day, because my heart actually felt like it was jumping out of tune, but I digress).

What I remember most, was at the end of the service. People had milled out in the coffee area, very few people remained in the seats and I turned to my mom and breathed deeply before speaking. I said, “You know how sometimes there is something that is missing in life, that you hunger for…but you don’t know. You don’t know until you find the thing that fills that hunger, that meets that need you didn’t even know you had. I just had that experience.’

And in the opening of the Word of Truth, in speaking word after word of HIS Word, after delving deep into its significance at that time period and then amongst us today, I found what I had been craving for many years…food. The Holy Scriptures read and taught in a manner I hadn’t encountered for quite some time…exegetical teaching.

and in that moment I had tasted my hunger, and I had found it met.

I know i’m not the only one. The one whose heart and soul and mind hunger for more. But we’re not sure just what will meet this innate feeling that resides just below our flesh. Chase this hunger. Let it seep deep. And let your eyes be open wide to His filling, His feeding, His WORD.


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