Writing Out of the Ashes

This world flames around us
in patches of pain
moments unexpected
and our flesh warms

heartbeats quicken
trying desperately
to understand the loss,
the wretched angst

hearts broken wide and
all around me ashes rain down
covering the beauty
blinding my eyes

cancer licks its evil lips
death declares victory (for now)
a womb is casket like in death
and I don’t have enough tears

and so I sit

legs weary from the journey
heart overwhelmed by darkness
the sun is being terrorized
as these ashes block my view

I try not to whisper words
that are contrite because
they only feed the hurt,
and isolate

yet silence is no answer
it leaves hearts yearning for a word
and sometimes it seems
my vocabulary of truth is lacking

I don’t understand your ache
even though I’ve known my own
and right now all you need
is to be held tight, tears running freely

I”m gasping for clean air
hope that seems so distant
and I know You are here
my skin so tender, it hurts to be held

I strive to open my eyes
against the raging ash
and I glimpse Your pain
the wounds still mar your hands

and I feel wet upon my head
an anointing
as you tears fall freely
and I know you KNOW this ache

in one breathe
a gutteral cry ‘it is FINISHED’
and the ash falls dead
I see it lying in piles around us

Your arms hold me fast
and slowly it shrinks
until it is no more
grace has it consumed

let your anointing remind me
that Your heart aches greater still
that this broken world is groaning
but you are not absent or unaware

I am merely human
my words insufficient and wounding
please draw them close, let them know
You have felt this pain, their pain


By Janel Andrews      Apr 3/2014     (inspired by Bethany Paget at The Gift of Writing  )


3 thoughts on “Writing Out of the Ashes

  1. I thought this was well written! Bless you! I found your blog through a mutual friend on facebook and thought I would take look! I write poems to the Lord myself, and so I wanted to encourage you!

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