Fragments 2


Fragmented Poem 2

The dream comes to me
in stop motion sequence
and I press my face
close to the glass,
wanting to enter in

Time stretches in the silence
as I fiddle with volume control
and seek to find the power switch
to let me in, to stop the waiting
to know the next steps

There is a
replaying of old memories
as I seek to find the answer
for why the paper lays barren
as the madness spreads
and smears it ink-black, wordless

I won’t pretend for a moment
that any twinkle of lights
fill the dark corners with peace
because the light flickers slow
and my eyes are mesmerized
the blinking leaves me blind.

In this black and white world
how I long for your colours
saturating my knowledge with truth
letting the glimpses fill me with hope
but I’m grasping at words that lead to you

I fear the weakening of my words
that all that is revealed
won’t tell the whole story
but just pieces and you’ll miss
the complexity of my journey

My life laid bare
full scale rawness in spewing
swaying the pictures this way and that
looking for the negative
so that I can blur out the positive

My fingers scratch blindly
seeking for a way up, way out
memories of whispers echo
and I vaguely recollect
the right words at the wrong time

And I’ve sat down here
in the midst of the path
cause I’m weary of walking
and the stones trip me up
where are the words said in hope?

Like a wood nymph
you seem unreachable, unfathomable
to be glimpsed but unknown
but this is how you seen
and I want to know you in every way

To have you heal blind eyes
 to show me things I haven’t seen
breathe life into weary lungs
give light to the darkened path
words to alight my lips once gain

When your voice seems silent
often we fill the blanks with our imagination
twisting and turning in the lies
conjured by our own broken minds
spoken with our weary voices

But there is a
step by step to intimacy
as a wounded bird
I’m flittering to and fro
eyes glittering in distrust

I’ve been wounded,
the pain slips deep
and there is
anarchy in this truthfulness
rising up to show me light

Because when my mind is so consumed
with finding my own path
with trying to see beyond my limits
I can’t distinguish between faces and masks
and my heart is easily swayed

The truth is
when I’ve strung the bits and pieces together
I don’t want to find my way out of you
because the truth breathed in
the dream rekindled

Opens my eyes to more of YOU.


By Janel Andrews written April 26/2014

Fragments borrowed from Purloined Letter on Twitter.




2 thoughts on “Fragments 2

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this poem Janel. It is like a whole world, nooks and cranies to explore and experience. I found myself revisiting the lines over and over to gain depth of understanding. And I myself have recently been blogging about the idea of a dream. Rekindling it. Keep it up. Bless you, Curtis.

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