FMF – Close

joining together with Lisa-Jo Baker as we write for five minutes on a topic without editing, just letting our words flow.

i hold you


I hold you close and breathe you in. Baby soft whispering from every crevice of your delicate skin.

You cuddle close, wrapped in blankets, as you seek to open your eyes from the dream you were immersed in.

I hold you close and feel your heart beat, feel your breathe graze my cheek like a baby bird’s wing and my soul fills with wonder.

I only see you every month and each time you’ve grown bigger, filled out, opened your eyes, started exploring the world. And I wish you’d just stay caught in the moment that I’ve got you in now. Tiny, still needing me, needing others, and wide-eyed in wonder at the world around you.

I hold you close and wish that life didn’t mean that you would one day experience things that your innocence right now holds no anticipation for.

I hold you close and whisper songs over your heart and sing prayers into your ears, and hope that this love showered on you each week resonates deep, and you see Christ in us.

I hold you close and pray for your future, whatever it holds. As you grasp my finger with your tiny hand, it reminds me of the tentative grasp I have on my Father’s hand..and I know that he’s holding on more than I am.

And I know you don’t have the strength right now, that you’re growing into it…but i pray that one day, as you live life, grow into your journey, into the life that was breathed into you before birth…that His hand will guide you and hold you fast, and that more than anything you would cling to him, as you cling to me now.

I hold you close, I hear your contented sigh. Your eyes are closed again as you settle in and that trust blows me away.



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