#FMF – Release

Writing with the girls over at FMF. Today’s prompt is RELEASE. GO I’ve always got a lot of things going on in my head…I’m thankful that most of the time my brain goes down a notch when I sleep, though not too much cause I’ve had some crazy dreams and those come out of the subconcious. All of that to say, that I’m thinking about a lot…but don’t always know how to express is. I want to…I sit down to write and the words don’t come. A year and a bit ago, my friend Kathi was dabbling in some watercolour painting and shared one of her pieces on Facebook. It was stunning. A lot of people expressed interest in her painting and she ended up having copies made for others. She ended up using the money made from her prints to get herself to Allume, a beautiful conference filled with some soul sisters and heart growing conversations. The print that I received from Kathi has remained in its original wrapping since I received it. She did a beautiful job of wrapping it in white tissue paper and twine, with a little watercolor bird as a tag. It was so beautiful I didn’t really want to remove the wrapping. And to be honest, I didn’t want to frame it because I wasn’t sure I could claim the sentiment after all. And so there it sat, on my shelf…with a bit of the image peaking through the gauzy covering…and the word ‘Writer’ sifting in and out of my mind. Last week I was talking to my mentor about this picture. About how I didn’t feel I could claim the term and so I had left it there in its wrapping on my shelf…because I didn’t feel worthy. I was challenged by what Kris said:

You write. You’re a writer. Just because you don’t write in a certain platform doesn’t matter. You write because God’s called you. There is something in you need to write. My writing looks different then other people. Frame that picture and put it up and CLAIM IT!

and so… I went to HomeSense (the Canadian version of TJMaxx I believe) and found a beautiful frame that matched the colours and then framed and claimed the title. Posting it on Facebook the way I worded it made people think (I think) that I had some kind of idea in mind for where this writing would take me..and that wasn’t the case. But the first step for me was framing the print and putting it smack dab in the middle of my desk so that I couldn’t get away from it. And to start fighting the lies that just because I can’t always get my mind down on paper, and while I’ve got lots of ideas swirling around to be shared, I’m still a writer, whether I write infrequently or not. This is a gift I’ve been given. Perhaps at this time its supposed to be something that I indulge in simply between God and me. I’m not sure…but I’m learning to be thankful. END 10456077_10152530173483846_7776653695223804399_n


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