#FMF – Exhale

Joining with Lisa-Jo and the lovely writers over at Five Minute Friday for our writing prompt : Exhale. Write was streams out through your fingers, what your heart wants to say on a subject for five minutes. And then link up and see what was inspired in others as well.



Sometimes its in the letting go, that you can really begin to step forward into life again.

You realize that you’ve been breathing in wounded-ness, bitterness, anger…and the only thing filling your lungs is pulling you down. Into the darkness, into the depths.

But there is hope. Because in the exhale their is also a chance to let those things go. To breathe them released. To fling them far and wide and seek out the truth, hope, joy…those things that fill you will life again and set your heart beating fresh.

Sometimes I find it to be the same discussion that I often have with myself. I know this place, and while I know its not good for me…I’m afraid of what lays outside of the unknown. But when I stop to think that things that I’m breathing in, the things that I’m choosing to stay all muck and mired in….are the very things that are shortening my life, they are taking the moments that are mine to fight for.

And so in the exhaling, I release. Fear keeps my lungs short breathed….but its happening, and time and time again as I draw deeper from the well of this offering, the breathing in grows sweeter, lighter…and fills me up with a joyous light that I have previously only been able to long for.

Sometimes I think that the inhale is where the breathing rhythm starts…but maybe its in the exhale that we truly begin to live.



3 thoughts on “#FMF – Exhale

  1. I love that you say, “There is hope.” Hope has been my theme lately as I have just published my first book, Nothing to Hold but Hope. Your words bring encouragement tonight. We have a choice to recognize what we take in and how we process it. Great post!

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