Dead Wood


The wind

creaks my bones
and the depths

my roots run deep
but water

have disappeared



I used to
offer shade from element
lifeblood share
gasp beauty

but gasping

is all I have

as the limbs
stand bare
sun bleached
raw from wounding

and the ache

of deadwood

cuts me raw


my heart beating
my soul seeking

my heart bleeding
my soul screaming


limbs have been lost
crashing down
leaving wound marks
just another notch
of days gone by

without life
without dew drop
without sap

without fruit


the branches
continue to raise up
even in their brokenness
they seek life
which comes from above

the leaves have not sprung
in aged time

a remnant remains
casting a shadow
but casting the eye


hope glimmers
in a mysterious ray
peripheral vision

and I feel a heartbeat.



written by Janel Andrews

July 8/2014

in response to this post by Elora Ramirez

2 thoughts on “Dead Wood

  1. Janel, thank you for this offering. This line especially struck me: I used to “gasp beauty, but gasping is all I have.” Oh, friend. I’ve been here. I appreciate how you leave room for hope in the midst of the dead wood…yes, the heart that beats even in the hollow. Much love to you, friend.

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