#FMF – Belong

Joining up with those who write unfettered by constraint and pure vulnerability over at FMF’s link up. Thank you Lisa-Jo for sharing this beauty of a community and also Crystal for hosting this week.

prompt: BELONG


Before I saw the prompt tonight, I saw some people reacting to it. One of them was something like, ‘phew, that was tough’ and I wondered at the prompt. Some of them have taken me to hard place (and others to those places as well) but I always find its such a journey of learning and tiny steps to healing.

Belong. Oh wow…did that word go deep. Deep to some very big wounds, wounds barely covered over. Longings that have been just barely beating heartbeats as of late…or even lets be honest for years.

There are few places that I feel that I really and truly belong…and not to over spiritualize it, perhaps that’s because our souls long for the beauty of our Heavenly Father and relationship we can have with him.

I’m not so much an outsider at the moment (or perhaps I’ve grown up and seen what being in ‘groups’ is all about’) but there is definitely something that has me checking my words, my actions, my look…in certain groups.

there are some sweet sweet ladies that I met over a year ago at Jumping Tandem. I went there thinking “I’m not good enough. Some of these people are superstars of the blogging world’ and I felt like I didn’t have a lot to offer. God had a reason for me to be there and there are so many reasons…but one of the reasons was to see these beautiful people as PEOPLE…not more holier then though (they certainly were not) but also to see that each one of us is gifted in a unique way. Those people who I originally thought I might not be able to share the same air with, have become some of my fastest friends. I am so thankful.

I am thankful for the communities God is placing me in, one moment at a time. I am thankful that at moments I hear him whisper, I have created you for this, not only do you belong here…loving me, showing my love to others…but you are helping them to find belonging as well.



4 thoughts on “#FMF – Belong

  1. “ot only do you belong here…but you are helping them to find belonging as well.” love that. Such a shift in perspective–taking the focus off of ourselves changes so much, truly. Thanks for blessing us this week. –Your FMF neighbor

  2. That was the single best thing about Jumping Tandem. No rockstar status or crazy separation. No platform building or networking to advance. Everyone just hanging and sharing. Everyone willing to listen to the one next to them. Sigh. It was still my favorite blogging experience to date. And I’ve been to A LOT of conferences. As someone who always struggles with feeling like I belong ( a major area God is working on me with) it was such a healing place.

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