In the Midst of Darkness

There is beauty
that thrives in darkness

luminescent green wings
glowing with ethereal glimpses

white and glossy petals
swirled deep with nectar

these two, or these many
they know
darkness is not to be feared

there is light
it just might take

an adjustment of sight

By Janel Andrews written: July 15/14


Inspired by
the Luna Moth and the Moon Flower (Night-blooming cereus)
both live creatures that thrive in the darkness.

moon flower in daytimeMoon Flower in the daytime (all curled up)
moonflower at nightMoon flower in the nighttime -in all its beauty
LunaMoth-DonSimonsStunning Luna Moth (love the iridescent green)

3 thoughts on “In the Midst of Darkness

  1. this is beautiful…. i’ll have to post a picture I took last summer of two lunas newly emerged from their cocoons… drying their wings in preparation of night exploration.

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