#FMF – Finish

Linking up with Lisa-Jo and the other wonderful writers over at the Five MInute Friday linkup. A flash mob of writing from the heart, for five minutes…no editing, no judging…just letting the words flow free. And then check out what the others have written on the same prompt. Always a blessing.

word: FINISH


Her fingers touched the edge of the drying canvas.
Her eyes roving over the colors, swirled meticulously into hues that sprung from another world. She speaks quiet words of inspiration over her masterpiece…knowing that where ever this work will find its home, her gentle whispers will accompany it.

Laying that one down to try, she turns to the unfinished piece waiting for her. To the untrained eye it would look finished she knew, but there was still something about it that caused her to not declare it complete.

Standing up from the chair…she walked back and forth to clear her head. Breathing deep, she closed her eyes and imagined the colors and image in the painting…seeking to find the one thing that needed to be added or removed or changed to make it just right.

She stopped at the back of the room, turning to look at it in the distance. Again…there was just something.

As the sun set in the sky, splashes of gold lay haphazard upon the carpet. One of the beams glanced prism like from a glass of water in the corner splashing a ray of light across the painting. and in a moment it was all clear to her.

the light. She had forgotten to include THE light in her painting. He was always the central focus…that was why it seemed unfinished.

And as she lifted her paintbrush to add the light to her creation, she saw in her minds eye what it would look like complete, finished…full of light.


6 thoughts on “#FMF – Finish

  1. So beautiful….I’m no painter, but I can just see this playing out, and the emotions swirling through the mind as the finish approaches. Lovely post!

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