A change in perspective

There are few things in this world that show me my rule following tendencies than a bicycle rider on my way to work.

There have been numerous times when I have seethed because they haven`t stopped at a sign, or are in the middle of the road taking up space and I think “If you want to be treated like a vehicle, than ACT like one“. I actually was so angry the other day, that I swerved in front of a guy who kept going through stop signs and gave him the finger. (indeed, I am that person)

I felt guilty for responding so badly, but I was so enraged that he didn`t have to follow the same rules I did. I thought i`d let him know what I thought of that. Indeed, because I`m always following the rules when I`m driving (not).

When I was visiting a friend a day or so later, I mentioned my incident with the biker and expressed my frustration for them not having to follow the same rules. I was also forgetting that she uses her bicycle to get around her town. So she patiently explained to me (or suggested) that perhaps there were a couple of things that I didn`t know about bike riding in a city.

And pretty much the things that I had done and the very things that I had been exasperated about where what she shared with me. And I realized that I didn`t knwo the whole story. and perspective is generally about the limited knowledge (or breadth of knowledge you THINK you have) and when you get some more facts than it seems to make a lot more sense…and I realize that most times, I`m the one not playing by the rules.

2 thoughts on “A change in perspective

  1. Laughing just a little bit here my friend…I love this…” perspective is generally about the limited knowledge (or breadth of knowledge you THINK you have)”
    Thanks for your honesty!

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