#fmfpartysnailmail Linkup – The Written Word

excerpt of written in slumber by matryshka on flikr

My dad usually walks in the door about 6pm carrying the mail. Most often its bills or prayer letters from people we support.

But sometimes, there are letters for me.

Usually letters from my Compassion children. They arrive quarterly and I anticipate them with great joy. Not only are they getting older, but their drawings are progressing and the questions they ask are showing their maturity. I’m so proud of the people they are becoming.

Both of them are still quite young so the world is still something they are trying to figure out (although truthfully that’s not something we ever stop with I don’t think).

And today…when my dad walked in the mail and handed me a beautiful envelope with some American stamps on it I squealed with joy because I had received one of my #fmfsnailmail letters. What a blessing it is to receive snail mail. I had forgotten about how personal and special it is to receive something that someone sat down to think through and actually put pen to paper for. What a blessing.

This snail mail gathering has inspired me to write small notes to many of my friends that I’ve not ever sent anything to before. Its really been a joy to think about what I’m going to share with them, what I’m going to encourage in them and to see how God will continue to use them. So each time I send out one of my letters for the snailmail group, I send out letters to other dear sisters as well.

I am thankful for the renewal of encouragement this has started in me. When I was in University I used to go down to the bookstore and buy a whole bunch of 1$ encouragement cards to share with people through the week as they came to mind or shared things with me. I used to buy those little encouragement cards you could stick in a Bible like a bookmark and stick a bit of a note on the back for them to ponder. But most of all, I was able to connect with people. To let them know that they were important. That they were chosen of God. That they were declared beautiful in His sight. That they were being tightly held in His palm in the midst of this circumstance.

I am so thankful for the written word, both written by hand and typed out for the world to read. I am thankful that there are those to whom God has gilded their pens and mouths and made such beautiful thoughts be released from them, ponderings and statements that thrill my heart or challenge it and I’m renewed in my desire to know more of Him and shine more of Him to others.

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