FMF – Begin

Joining up with Lisa-Jo and friends as she hosts her last FMF…had a blast with a live tweetchat with her kiddos and her reflecting on the last four years of this beautiful linkup! Check out what others have written for five minutes on the same topic and then comment on their entries. This is a beautiful community that I have only recently found myself to be part of the community.

BeFunky_null_6janel.jpgHolly and I at Jumping Tandem: The Retreat (2013)



It was a sunny day. I found myself in a van with strangers. We were on our way to a retreat…women bonding over the wild ride. Upon arrival, I was anticipating seeing some faces that I knew online and that I had been yearning to hug in real life. It was so beautiful to see soul sisters and yet I kind of felt like I was on the outside. Like I didn’t belong.

My friend Holly suggested we go for a short walk outside around the property, and as we rounded the corner we heard laughter and beautiful voices. There on a hidden patio were some lovely ladies soaking up the sun and reminiscing about shared moments at another conference. Holly and I went over and climbed up on the patio after their calling out to join them, and settled into the sun surrounded by sweet faces.

and there…in those moments of listening to ladies share their heart. In seeing their smiles, in having them ask me a couple of questions it began. a small seed of something…it was a belonging, an understanding that we were all gathered here on the same level, that though there were those whose names might resonate around the blogosphere that they were just women like me.

I sat in the sun, soaking up rays in the midst of a bit of a breeze and I took in this sisterhood. There were old friends gathered, and new friends made that day. There were soul stories shared and mama moments reminisced on, and laughter…oh the laughter. And slowly there were others joining us, creating diversity in the sisterhood, in this place where all our stories were welcome and we were free to begin.

Begin to write. to share. to love. to learn. to see our worth. to see our dreams. to gather as strangers and leave as sister and friends.


4 thoughts on “FMF – Begin

  1. Growing in the love and laughter of others is a wonderful experience. I belong to a great online writing community called Story Sessions and I know some of the women are able to meet up and they say this has been amazing. I live in England so I can’t share the face to face meetings but the online encouragement is very precious to me. It is helping me to being again.
    Glad to have found your blog through this Five Minute Friday link up.

  2. I remember the patio and the sunshine and the belonging. It was a balm for me as well. To find a place where everyone just was. People, together, as it’s always meant to be. Can’t wait to see you again and sit in the sunshine.

  3. It’s so clear and holy and beautiful to me, Janel, to read each time you write of these experiences, the depth of how this community has touched you – and you us. Your passion for community stirs me, and I hope, too, to meet and hug you in the flesh one day soon. Love you, sweet friend.

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