FMF- Fill

Joining together with Kate Motaung as she begins her journey of leading Five Minute Friday. I’ve loved getting to know this community that gathers together and for five minutes writes on one prompt without editing but just soul streaming words. Its been a beautiful way to read other people’s heart glimpses. Gather together with us as we write…and make sure to leave a comment on a couple of your neighbors posts. They’ve got some beautiful stuff to share (and its the only rule of this linkup!)

Prompt: FILL

To be honest this prompt had me stumped. I did read a couple other entries to get an idea on what I might write about, but still not sure what will be revealed in the writing.

The first thing I thought of is emptiness, and how filling that space results in a fullness. This was relating to my soul and how sometimes I just feel like I’m missing the mark, like I’m just not doing the right things. and then i’m reminded that it’s never about what I do but rather what has already been done. So as much as I see my faults and failings (more than I see the gifts and grace I’ve been given), it doesn’t mean that is the reality that I should always be living in. Because there is HOPE and that begins to fill, to inflate my sagging soul

And when I think of fill, i think of holes that have long laid empty. Perhaps wounds from others, or just things that have been carried silently in the heart and there is One who heals with his touch, there is scarring to remember what has taken place but NOT to sit there and focus on the wound but rather on the healing, the filling with new flesh, with renewed hope, with a restoration.

And both of these ideas of filling up…they resonate deep with me, clearly because they come out of my heart. out of my experience. out of my thought process. and I’m left thinking…what does a heart that is filled with Him look like, feel like, beat like? and What is a life that has healed wounds, and wounds that are on their way to being healed up look like. Because for so long I’ve lived in empty. I’ve lived in a place where I’d given up on being full, being healed, being made whole again.

so this being filled…its like a dream. yet its reality. because it can take place. there is surrender required. There is healing required. there are hard things required. and yet this filling, as it begins in drops and then rivulets and then downpour…it is so healing.




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7 thoughts on “FMF- Fill

  1. Hi Janel,
    I was thrilled to read in your “About” how your parents surrounded you with books and instilled the love of reading. Wooweeee! Thank you for sharing your idea of “Fill” with others.

  2. I love the word picture of your flagging soul being inflated :). And you’re so right–filling ourselves with Him and letting love pour over us is so healing. May you continue to receive and be filled and healed.

  3. It seems you figured out something to write about! Love this…”there is scarring to remember what has taken place but NOT to sit there and focus on the wound but rather on the healing, the filling with new flesh, with renewed hope, with a restoration.” Well said.

  4. This does resonate with me too – so much. I love your metaphors and how you tie them into your life – the parts that are complete and the parts that are still in progress. I pray that this day finds you filled with hope and the confident knowledge of what God has in store for you. Blessings and grace for your weekend friend!

  5. Do NOT give up Janel! Being “filled” is your destiny…and your Christ-bought RIGHT!
    We don’t always recognize how far we’ve come in our healing until we are faced with a particular situation and we respond or react differently towards it than we did all the previous times. God IS healing you. Through and through. ❤

  6. I love the direction you took this promt, Janel! You’re right– He not only fills up/binds up our wounds, but has “carried our griefs and bourne our sorrows.” What love! Thanks for this reminder tonight.

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