#FMF- Change

Every Thursday night I’ve been hanging out with the lovely #Fmfparty ladies over on Twitter (when I remember) These ladies gather to encourage one another, to pray for one another and to share the daily happenings of life. Around 10 Kate released the word prompt and we all write like mad for five minutes, un-edited, on the topic. Join us in writing and make sure you read and comment on some of the other amazing offerings.

PROMPT: Change


You know that when you deliberately forget the word that is your prompt of the night…its probably one you should write on. Because all this ‘forgetting’ really is ‘ignoring’ or a word hitting a little too close to home.

So change. Yeah, I’m not too fond of that idea. And while life isn’t ever really stagnant for too great a time, I’m usually quite put out when it does find its way into my day-to-day.

I’m always amazing just how much routine means to me, but I don’t see it, until something gets changed and I’ve got to work out my system again.

Work is one place that I’m not too fond of change. I work in retail and in the coffee industry, so expecting change not to take place is like wishing on fairy dust…probably not going to do a whole lot of good.

My former boss just went on a six month sabbatical, we have an interim boss and then we will have a ‘new’ boss come September. All of this has been difficult for me, especially since the interim boss is responsible for two stores and thus we as leadership are left to our own devices to try to figure out how the store shall be run in the two or three months that we are without a dedicated leader. That is difficult for me because I often take on too much responsibility as it is, leaving myself drained before I’ve even begun.

So in that instance change isn’t something that I look forward to.

But change is also something that I see as something that grows me in my life. That if I was to just stay stuck in what I’ve always done or where I’ve always been what kinds of things I’d miss out on. Some of the things where I went way outside my safe comfortable walls have been the stories that I’ll never forget and that thrill my heart when I speak of them. So in that sense, change isn’t something that I despise but rather something I see as necessary to growing me up into the Woman God wants me to be.

So two looks at change. One that I really, honestly dread and which right now is stressing me out.

And the other, which I know is helping to mold and shape me…and keep me on my toes, following Him and holding tightly to His hand.


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