#FMF – Reach

Joining together with the beautiful writers over at Kate’s place to write for five minutes unedited and letting the words just fall upon the page (I”m not writing on Friday…which is usually the way it goes, but I was working this weekend)

Prompt: Reach



I have worked at Starbucks for 7 years. Three of the four stores that I’ve worked at have drive-thru’s. While my first experience in the drive thru was not a good one, I have since excelled in that area.

One of the things that is interesting about the drive thru is how far people decide to park away from the window. Often I joke about being hired because I’m tall so that I can reach to serve them. In our store, this parking near or far is further hindered by a large yellow cement pole that keeps people from getting too close.

And as I reflect on far away and getting to close and reaching out, I realize that sometimes life and relationships are much like my interactions in the drive thru. Sometimes there are things that are keeping other people from getting close, experiences that they’ve had in the past or just a disinterest in getting very close to anyone. And since I find that I’m made for relationship and long for interaction, no matter how short and sweet, its difficult for me when these far away interactions happen. And I’m often left wondering if I was the cause of this cool, far off interaction.

but I’m most in my joyful spot when people come close and we’re able to share some moments, weather quickly or in a slow savoured time these are the times when I find I don’t have to reach so far, I’m not straining, because they are reaching out as well and we’re meeting in the middle. These are the times i long for. The moments when a smile lights up a face, when a comment of ‘me too’ or ‘I hear you’ are the words that resonate long between us.

I find that in the reaching out, that sometimes there is a reciprocal motion and I find that often this looks like moving closer to one another, one step at a time.


five minute friday

2 thoughts on “#FMF – Reach

  1. This is a unique take on the “reach” prompt. I like it. I’ve found that as I reach out others are much more apt to reach back, “meeting in the middle”, as you said. For years I waited for the other person to reach first and still tend to do it even now. Your post is a thoughtful reminder to r-e-a-c-h! Thanks.

  2. I’ve often wondered too Janel, if when people are distant, I caused it somehow. But the more confident we become in Christ, the easier it is to reach out to make sure we haven’t offended them. MOST times, it’s something they’re going through that causes the distance. 😉

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