#FMF – Whisper


Joining up with my precious friends over at Kate’s place for Five Minute Friday…where we write unedited and with free-flowing words on the same topic for five minutes.

Topic: Whisper


His voice is most audible when I am by the water. Or at least it seems to be that way. Because when I am by the water, I am away from the other distractions of life, and I am still and I am waiting and I am listening.

and maybe that’s the truth of it all. I’m listening. Because otherwise I won’t hear him. Not clearly. When He chooses to speak to me in a whisper, in that moment He wants to heart share with me…I need to be quiet. I need to stop my striving, my speaking, my worrying, my forever heedless wandering…and just stop, be still and listen.

The beach or anywhere near water are some of my favourite soul rest places. and I think it’s because there is time and there is quiet and I’m reminded to listen. Or I just find myself listening…because I know He’s going to speak. And maybe it will be something just straight forward, like ‘See this beauty all around you’ or something life changing like ‘check out this sand, holding onto it is about as futile as you trying to control your life’ and in those moments…I’m reminded that sometimes he roars, sometimes he sings, sometimes he chats with our hearts….and sometimes He whispers.

And my heart…it responds to these prompts. Because there isn’t a doubt that they are for me and for my heart alone, because they are quiet, they are a soft brush of a warm hand on my face, of a loving embrace, of a reminder of what is truth when the chaos seems to threaten and undo.

Just last week, I was having a hard time and I took off to the beach. It was later in the day and I knew I’d only have a short time but I needed the water, the quiet and His whispering in my heart. And I was so thankful that he allowed me time in that place. Time to hear the truth of my running and yelling and not trusting or looking to him for direction.

because His whispers are soul breath for me. I  need them every day, I need them to live, to truly live…


five minute friday



2 thoughts on “#FMF – Whisper

  1. Yes, YES, sweet heart. Me, too. I find I can hear these whispers so much clearer by the water. I love that this is how it is for you, too. I love how these whispers, for you, are like “the soft brush of a warm hand on the face.” Gorgeous. Thank you.

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