Story 101 – reflection on voice

I’m at a loss as to what to write because I think I am afraid to fully surrender to the idea of release and my voice being fully released. Its been so long that I’ve had conversations in my head and said things to others that I wish I’d said in the moment. I wish I was quicker on my feet when it came to speaking. When I have a lot of information thrown at me I have a hard time processing through it and I’m overwhelmed and find myself shutting down. I just quiet the response and it turns into tears of frustration because I can’t even begin to process and everything gets tied up in my head.I feel attacked whether that is the purpose or not of what is being shared. A lot of time what is shared with others is what I wish I said. They say it’s a good response but a little late. My voice is the true expression of who I am. All those things inside that can’t get out but I want to express, those things wiell up inside me that my soul has to get out because it can’t deal with it and is trying to expel it. This course – as I read the writing of others there are ideas that are brought forward that I want to ponder more. Things that I hadn’t even considered. I hope that I can express myself.


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