#FMF – Ready

Joining up (at the last moment) with Kate over at her site for the beautiful link up known as Five Minute Friday. This week we were challenged to write about the word prompt :Ready for five minutes, no editing. And as usual, visiting your fellow writers is a no brainer!

Prompt: READY


Clearly I’m not ready because here I am writing the day before the next prompt. But I’ve come to realize in the past couple of weeks, that while I do love linking up and it took me awhile to jump into the #fmfparty, that I now gather on Thursday nights for the community more than the writing. Well my personal writing.

I love reading so many of what others have written. I’ve been finding in this season of my life, that my words are so often stopped up inside of me. And when I’m reading what others have written I find some of my thoughts poured out on the page in manners in which I’d never thought of expressing something. And it speaks to me. And that is where I hear His voice speaking to me lately, in other people’s words. and sometimes these revelations are auditory and sometimes they are mental bright lights being flicked on…but each one leaves me breathless.

And so i guess in some sense I am ready to step into this new season and trying out my voice when the time presents itself. Of not being afraid to express myself and thinking that perhaps other people have the only way of expressing themselves that matters. and that ultimately my story is made up of all the pieces that compose who I am.

I am thankful for the community found in this group. For the fierce bravery with which so many women write and also with which they challenge each other to write. And i’m thankful that its a safe place for launching your words, your dreams, your desires, your pain..and being loved and cared for and accepted.

I am ready to join in. I am ready to commit myself to community. I am ready to start writing my heart and hearing it roar. I’m ready to speak truth into life and have it spring forth into whatever God sees fit to do with it. Its daring. its not like me. but I’m ready.

five minute friday


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