#FMF – Because

Joining up with Kate and all the other fabulous writers over at her site as we write for five-minutes unedited on a prompt of her choosing. It’s always wonderful to see what inspires each of us as we write on the same word. Check out some of the other writers and their words as well.

Prompt: Because


We’ve started a series by Matt Chandler called ‘Reclaiming Redemption’ and I have to be honest. I love Matt Chandler. But i was a little taken aback that at a women’s bible study we were going to be taught by a man. Now i don’t consider myself to be a feminist per se but I do live in a post feminist world which means that there are certain things that cause my hair to bristle. I thought that the men that i know at church wouldn’t be taught by a women (I’m pretty sure) so why do we need to listen to a man when we get one every sunday. Don’t get me wrong. I respect and love the pastor that we have leading our flock and I believe that He’s a God ordained leader. But i just thought its a women’s bible study, perhaps we could listen to some of those amazing women who are out there who have amazing God-given gifts to teach.

But then I started listening to the sermons and doing the homework and I quickly realized what the problem really was…my heart.

Because while I’ve been struggling the past couple of months with many things, one of the things was being able to SEE my sinfulness. I know I’m a sinner saved by grace. And I know that there are things that I elevate in my mind as being less ‘bad’ then other things, when I also know that all sin is sin. But it wasn’t until I heard Matt Chandler lay it out in crystal clear, black and white that I came to see the depravity of my self, and trying to do things on my own.

Because of my own preconceived notions I almost missed out on an opportunity to have my heart challenged and changed. Because I was struggling, I almost didn’t see what was right in front of me, the truth….but my eyes had been blind. because I was proud, I didn’t ask for help…because I didn’t think that I needed it.

So thankful for a man of God who isn’t afraid to say the hard things because sometimes they need to be said. But who also isn’t afraid to preach the WORD of God boldly because it isn’t a message that needs to be watered down. I’m so thankful for grace, but I need to see my sinfulness in its proper light as well and understand what that grace cost my Lord and Saviour.


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