Wait and See

i glanced across at you
looking so handsome

your 12 o’clock shadow
and your bible on your knee

its hard to stop my heart
from beating hard when you’re around

you’ve got a smile lit on my face
and you’re oblivious

or maybe not

but this time

i’ve learned better than to ask
i’m just waiting

trying to figure out what this is all about
and if he’s got a plan for us


i love our friendship
its beginning and now its middle

and I’ll take whatever comes along
because all things are seasons

and maybe that’s what you are for me

or perhaps something like a generation
but we’ll wait and see

but still i look. and dream
and you fill my thoughts

and i struggle to give you up
to Him

cause He’s got you
and He knows you
and He’s got a plan

i’m in learning




and not despair
when the past rears its head

cause i’ve known too much heartbreak

by janel Written Sept 29/2014


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