31Days – FMFreeWrite – MOVE

Writing for five minutes (hopefully every day of October)

Prompt: MOVE

When I was younger I moved a couple times in a few years. It was easy when I was younger to miss people that I had known for about half a year and then move on in new friendships.When you are younger, its a defense mechanism..you learn to do it to take away the hurt. But when you’ve gotten used to moving on after a couple of years, you learn that relationships aren’t all that important and building them doesn’t require too much cause you’ll just move on.

Enter later life when you don’t move as much (we’ve been in this house for 20+ years now) and you realize suddenly that you’re going to be here for awhile and you need to learn about how to make and keep friends. Its hard when people say that you’re a dropper of people, but its so hard to keep track of all the things that people want from you and so hard to be vulnerable when you’re used to just being shallow and being able to walk away.

In high school I found it hard to become close to many people. Thankfully when i went away to College it was a smaller school and so i found a group of people that i would hang out with for the whole year. I think i was vulnerable with these people, especially the girls (even though i was still trying to figure out this whole friendship dynamic) and i developed friendships that i still have to this day. I’m so thankful for their grace and forgiveness as i often messed up being a good friend.

It my older years I’ve moved between schools and between places in the summer, and I’m beginning to learn that thanks to technology there are areas of life that you can maintain contact with people in, and you can keep up the friendships even though you might not see each other anymore quite as much as living in the same place.

Moving allowed me to get to see a lot of new and different places, but I found it hard because i learned that friendships are something that are easily left behind. its taken some time to get that perspective changed and realize that relationships need to be worked on and that they can continue even when you’ve moved on from a particular place.

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