#FMF – Dare

joining up with Kate and the lovely writers who gather to write on one topic in five minutes…unedited and with your heart spilled out on the page.

Prompt: Dare

Do I dare trust that He will provide all things for me?

That He has a life that will grow me stretched before me, one that is not guaranteed to be full of always happy things but one that will definitely make me more Christ like.

And I find myself longing for more of Him. and then I find myself longing for more human companionship, especially male.

And I long to change my ways and echo Christ in my life, and I’m daily becoming more worldly in the way that I speak at work and interact with my fellow workers.

And I long to make my Bible reading a desire for communication with the Lover of my heart and instead I find myself adding it to a list of things to do in my day, if I get to it.

Do I dare to live differently? To make a conscious choice. To take my thoughts captive. To make a decision to make His word and time with him a priority instead of something I can fit in. do I dare to find myself satisfied in him alone?

I need to trust that He has this all worked out. That he knows each moment that has been given me and He holds them in His hand. That He is in control though some days it feels like this world is out of control, there are so many ways He holds us together that I can’t see. He loves me and longs for me to know more of Him, to see more of Him, to love Him more.

Do I dare to enter into this relationship? Do I dare to trust? To surrender?


five minute friday

2 thoughts on “#FMF – Dare

  1. Oh, I hope you take your own dare, sweet friend! I remember how I finally came to the conclusion back in college that my dateless state (we’re talking NO dates in two and a half years of college) was maybe God’s way of telling me I wasn’t ready. I finally surrendered to him and told him I’d make HIM the priority. I did. Still no dates. A year later, I had my first three three dates–all in one weekend….one of the dates ended being keeper 😉 and we’ve been married 25 years.

  2. It is so easy to let life take over and we find Christ and our time with him taking a number. Thank you for sharing and being honest.How easy it is to find ourselves looking more like the world and less like him. May we and others take your dare to heart to embrace the one an only true love and then stand amazed as he makes all other things beautiful in its time.

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