#FMF- Welcome

It’s a new year. My has the last one flown by. I guess when you are younger because you haven’t quite grasped time yet life seems so slow in getting where you want to be. But these past years of my life have flown by. It was only recently that I realized that I’ve been back in London for four years. It doesn’t seem that long and yet the days continue to march on by. It’s been interesting to look back and see the places I’ve been, the friendships that I’ve been blessed with. This tear gas a lot of unknowns in it. I guess much like every year. But I’m striving to welcome each day and see what it might hold.  I’m still praying about what word God might have me focus on for the year but so far I’m just trying to learn to be still and listen. maybe the is something in that.


7 thoughts on “#FMF- Welcome

  1. “Welcome each day and see what it might hold.” Yes! Such a great attitude to have. Too often I tell my day what it should hold, in a bossy I’ll-tell-you-what’s-up kind of way instead of approaching a new day with open arms and asking the Lord what He would have for me that day. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

  2. Isn’t it crazy how a year feels like forever when you are a child, and as you grow older it seems to get shorter and shorter? I think its because it is a smaller portion of your life. When you are 4, a year is 25% of the time you have been alive. When you are 50 its only 2% of your life. I am not 50 yet, but it made for easy math LOL

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