#FMF- Gather

joining with Kate and other lovelies to write five minutes on a heart topic we all get to share our hearts on.

I’m not a person who gathers with large groups of people. I prefer to have a smaller group or more of a one-on-one interaction. I can survive in a large group but it’s not my preference. I am a heart searcher and I want to know your story. I find it amazing that you might want to hear my story as well. I’m much more prone to ask others about themselves and rarely like to draw attention to myself. If I do draw attention to myself it’s usually through jokes made at my own expense. I know it shows insecurity but it’s the only way I really want to surrender much of myself to others. There are a few people I trust to share my heart with but I’m so scared of rejection I’m never fully revealed the full me to anyone. I love to gather; to make new friends but I’m okay with leaving as little of myself behind as possible. But it is those rare moments that people take the time to listen to me and see me…and a piece of my heart might open slowly for this special breathe of truth


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