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joining up with Kate and other writers who share their hearts and looking at one word, seeing what it prompts and then getting it out on the page in five short or long minutes. always beautiful to see what the Lord brings out of each person’s story with the same word.


the first thing that comes to mind in Christ saying ‘will you take up your cross and follow me’

it is only in the past couple years that i have come to understand a bit of the horror of the cross, the way in which Christ was sentenced to death to pay for our sins. About the destruction of the body, about the suffocation, about the humiliation.

and sometimes we throw this statement around like its just a simple things that He’s asking of us. But its not. If i’m going to be honest, i’d have to say that my first response is no. I don’t want that. I want an easy life. i want my life to be full of goodness now that He is a part of it. In fact i’d rather stop and run the other way if i knew that cross carrying had anything to do with it.

and yet that command…follow me. its such a hard road and yet it leads to such blessing. to such eye opening wonder. to truth. to hope. to mercy and to grace.

and so i follow. i don’t do it in a straight path. sometimes i veer off thinking that i know better. or that he might have got it wrong. but then i come back. cause i keep realizing…its only in taking up and in following…that His glory will be known and I will be made more like him


five minute friday

#FMF – Meet

linking up with Kate and the other lovely writers for a five minute blitz of writing on one word…no editing, no second guessing…just letting the words pour out of your fingers.


I knew that i needed to go. It would be another way to meet people in the vastness of a church family that measures in the 100’s. So i went. I’m not a big fan of change, but I knew it had to happen. and I knew that a sisterhood would definitely be better then having very few friends since coming back to London.

We gathered on Tuesday nights. we continue to do so. We stop in the summer, because some have children and rasseling them all up into a small confined space for two hours just wouldn’t be pretty for a year’s worth of time. But the time we do have together is something that I can’t really recount without realizing how words just can’t do it justice.

There have been some studies that I could have cared less for. I was not fond of them and pretty much didn’t do the homework. But i came. Even on the nights when it was all i could do to get in my car and drive across the city. because I knew i needed them, i ┬áneeded to meet and pray and learn and read and share.

and two years ago and this year…i have had one of the deepest sisterhoods that i’ve been a part of for a long time. This year especially hearts were bared and things were shared that just filled each of our hearts with a greater love and understanding for one another and it was so beautiful. We have come to be so dear to one another that we have pledged to attempt to gather every other week to get together and play card games or just sit around food and chat….because we can’t imagine not being part of each others lives. It is a beautiful thiing and something I don’t think i would have anticipated a couple years ago. I am thankful for the blessing of these women. our group is incredibly diverse but its been such a blessing to have all those different life experiences being shared around the table.


five minute friday

Sliver of Hope


this image and it’s title inspired me today

She stands
the air
stardust surrounding
and breathes in
the ray of light
piercing darkness
and the stars
they twinkle and sing
and her voice
begins to rise up
and she begins
to hum along
as a tear trickles
the sliver of light
sliver of hope
beckons her home
there IS hope.

by Janel Andrews written May2/2015