#FMF – Gift

joining up with the gracious writers over at Kate’s place for our Five Minute Friday writing. One prompt, many different people setting down words as they are inspired. no editing and visiting of friends to see how they were inspired to write. Love this group.


It is always interesting to me to see what the word is that is given as a prompt. I also always interested to see what comes out of my fingers as I write. Usually by the end of the piece its a surprise even to me what I’m going to finish up with.

There are many gifts that have been given to others that I appreciate. The ability to write in a means in which others connect whole-heartedly with what has been written is such a gift. I know a couple people who write in this manner and I’m so blessed to be able to sit under their words. But I also tend to compare myself to this gifting. And while I am capable of writing, and while I have a degree in English Literature…sometimes I wonder if I have ‘the gift’. and sometimes this wondering, keeps me quiet. Makes me think that I don’t have much to share, so I shouldn’t even try. and i feel like I’m suffocating with all those words stopped up inside me, and yet I listen to those lies. i listen to the comparison. I listen to the reaction that comes up within me after I read something amazing, ‘wow, i couldn’t ever write something like that.’

and when i really think about it, a gift is never supposed to be seen in this manner. its a gift. we’re all given them. we all have different ones. And we are all gifted in different manners. there isn’t a reason to compare…because each gift is ours. it is ours alone. we all different. we have all be blessed. And how much more refreshing would it be to lift others up in the gifts we see in them, instead of being challenged or threatened by them.

I am a big fan of seeing the gifts that others have been given…but sometimes i’m not so quick to share how blessed I am by them, or even call out the blessing they have been to me. I think that if we were (or rather if I WAS) more inclined to offer real praise (genuine, affirming) rather than comparison towards others I would perhaps be an encouragement to someone that was questioning their gifting as well.


five minute friday


2 thoughts on “#FMF – Gift

  1. What a great post. Just letting you know – your words – this day – have been a blessing to me. I share all those self doubts and wondering with you but I love to put words together and I want to keep doing that and being an encouragement where I can. Thanks for putting words to your thoughts and being an encouragement to me today.

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