#FMF – Free

joining up (a little on the late end) with Kate and the other writers over at FMF for this past weeks prompt.

Join in. Write for five minutes on a topic. No editing…just let your words flow. and Be sure to comment on those who share space with you over at Kate’s place.

topic: Free


who knew that writing about a topic like free could send me quivering away from the keyboard. Seriously, ya’ll. I heard the word and I didn’t want to write. Perhaps more accurately I didn’t know what to write. But isn’t that how these things go. I mean many of us don’t know what will come out on the page when we start writing on these prompts. Sometimes the Spirit moves us to very different places from what we originally thought we might be heading. And so it seems that this week, I let the fear get the best of me. I didn’t know what to write, perhaps was afraid of what I might find out when I write, so I didn’t do it. Until now…two hours before the next prompt will be given.

Interestingly, My first OneWord365 was Brave. My 2nd one was Freedom. both of those are incredibly challenging and things that I think that i’ll be seeking to understand and grow in for the rest of my life. There wasn’t one word that really stood out to me this year…so i didn’t pick one, cause it felt that every experience i had i was just jumping on the  next term and that nothing really felt like it had called to me as these words had laid themselves in my heart.

I had expectations of these words when the year began. and my expectations looked nothing like reality, as usual. However, its always those years that you can’t even imagine that God’s got these things planned for you that you can’t even begin to imagine, that are going to shape you in a manner which you can’t begin to comprehend.

And so i think this dichotomy between free and fear is a fierce one for me. Because they are warring with each other. Fear keeps you tightly wound, close to things you know, whether they are healthy or not. Freedom and walking in this free…takes those chains and looses them.I have felt moments of being free. The come infrequently. I think i’ve only tasted them. But it was something I yearn for again. something i’d love to be part of my life in a more tangible way.


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