#FMF – Learn

joining up with my fave writing crew over at Five Minute Friday hosted on the lovely Kate’s blog.

Write for five minutes on one subject. Just let the words flow. Then join the link up and read what other people have been inspired to share about. its as easy as that! love this community.


prompt: LEARN

I love to learn. I’m always voraciously reading and writing down quotes and following links. sometimes there are what seem like a 100 tabs open on my computer (tried that once, i didn’t work out well…crashed the computer) but I digress.

if i could, i would go to school for the rest of my life. I have decided that there should be a program where people test out college and university programs on people for free just to get their courses up to spec. I mean free learning and some free feedback, sounds like a win-win for me. not so with institutions that seem to require money to run and governments that feel that people must pay to learn these things.

i hope to continue to learn for the rest of my life. sometimes i am concerned that perhaps my mind will not be able to retain all the information i’ve learned but strangely it seems to file it all away because at the most bizarre moments random information will jump into my mind. there is a guy at work who is always sharing seemingly useless facts with us though sometimes, much to my chagrin, they are fascinating.

if you want to know something about random history, you just ask him. I have a bizarre knowledge base. I love a wide variety of things, and while i may have a deep knowledge of somethings, I also have a broad knowledge that is much more shallow but unique. One thing that makes me swoon is nice cars, which are usually at the same time fast. There are very few things that will make my heart race like a beauty of a car.however if you talk to me about more than the shape of the car or its maker, i’m at a loss and most other conversations are like speaking in another language.

In another way i’m also fond of animals, mostly dogs, but I do like most farm animals as well and have a special relationship with horses. sometimes when i’m working the drive-thru and there are animals in the car i’ll exclaim over them and start talking to them forgetting that there are humans in the car who would like to receive their drinks and perhaps a bit of attention from me. it is one of my many quirks.

ENDfive minute friday

4 thoughts on “#FMF – Learn

  1. Oh friend you make me smile!! I love that you talk to the animals in the car. I enjoy learning too, I’m parked over in the #12 spot this week!

  2. The world would be a much smarter place and probably wiser and kinder if we were all lifelong learners.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    *an FMF neighbor stopping by

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