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Joining up with Kate and the other writers for what I’ve heard described as a flash mob of writing on ONE WORD for FIVE MINUTES, unedited and with your mind just flowing out through your fingers. When you’ve posted link up and then check out some of the other offerings and extend some encouragement/creative feedback if you will. So fascinating to see how one word can engage people in such different ways. Write on.

(and if you want to during the week you can join up at Kate’s place as well for the series ‘On Being a Writer’ by Kroeker and Craig. Its been fascinating and a great discussion series so far.)


there is alot of talk about people finding themselves. Often this requires going away from the place that you are in now, to a place that perhaps you aren’t known, you’ve always dreamed of going, or somewhere that just inspires and you think it might be easier to hear the Spirit speak or listen to those words your soul has been trying to push to the forefront but you haven’t been able to hear in the chaos.

I always find for me that getting out of the city is a good start. I’m so blessed to own a car of my very own. I am so thankful that I can just drive out of the city if I wish (after working of course) and just set off for a place of quite. Sometimes this place is the beach. Sometimes this place has been my friend’s home with apartment attached. Sometimes this place has just been a park in another town that I find. But most usually its out of town.

However just a week or two ago, I found my way to the ponds area here in town, smack dab in the center of the city, a piece of land that used to be used more but has since been made into park land and I parked under a willow, opened my windows, sipped on my iced tea and read on my Kindle for an hour. It was absolutely soul refreshing. And for me, I think that if there is anything that I’m searching to find these days, its that.

The word rest popped up in Instagram last week and even reading it in my head caused a huge soul sigh. It was like i was being filled up, in places that i didn’t even know were empty, but i went from being deflated to being full of a peace that is indescribable. And pictures of water and actually being by the water do that for me to. When I’m experiencing a lot of chaos in life or just have things floating in my head that I can’t work through, I often head for the beach just to have some time to be quiet and to process. I’m blessed that there is a beach just an hour away and its beautiful and one of my fave places in the summer.


2 thoughts on “#FMF – Find

  1. Water is that place for me too, friend!! Lake Sakakawea and my beloved Bible camp specifically. But really anywhere that I can sit on or near water. In Nashvilke, the day we road on the General Jackson after the show was over was so great. I could’ve sat there all day.

  2. ” It was like i was being filled up, in places that i didn’t even know were empty” – oh yes, isn’t that just how God operates? Even in our ignorance He decides to give us good things which we only know afterwards how much our soul needs and craves! I love water and trees (and certain books of course) to help me to feel rested and relaxed. Hope you can find some more restful spaces and places to hang out with God in the days ahead. Have a blessed weekend, my friend! 🙂 x

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