#FMF – Alone

joining up to write on ONE word for FIVE minutes over at Kate’s site 😉 a wonderful group of people gather together once a week to just throw away perfectionist tendencies (okay that might just be me) and write freely whatever happens to pour upon the page. Check it out.


its a funny thing…the assumptions made about aloneness. Or perhaps i’m thinking of singleness. and perhaps its only in my head that these two words are synonymous.

it doesn’t happen quite so often anymore, but when I was younger I would often receive the beffudeling questiong ‘Why is a great girl like you not married or at least in a relationship?’ and I would kind of gape with my lack of response, because really does that require a legitimate response.

‘well now, let me see…there are so many possibilities…and i’m not sure what one might be the correct answer. so you see…no i’m not sure why i’m single or alone right now…but you know what that’s just how life is for me right now.

And then i’d start to think about the question and whether they meant it or not it would seem to imply that i’m not fulfilling all that i can be without someone else. and that i can’t move on in life or truly experience all that life has to offer unless i’m in a relationship possibly heading towards marriage.

and i reject that. i reject that profusely. Because i am a women that God has given gifts to. He has called me to be used by Him in special and specific ways that do NOT depend on my singleness or the fact that I might be alone right now. In fact in some sense, I feel a kind of freedom (or I say i do) because I am not having to think about anyone else when I consider what might lay ahead. I can go anywhere, do anything…because I’m not tied down or responsible for/too anyone else.

I am attempting to see my role in life. I am attempting to see what He has called me to. And I reject any notion that I need to be in a relationship or heading towards marriage to really come into what God’s created me to be or for.


five minute friday

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