#FMF – Same

joining up (a little late to the party) with those who write over at Kate’s place for Five Minute Friday (FMF). We are given a prompt and then…we write five minutes, unedited and we share. and then…my fave part, we see how others have been inspired.

Prompt: SAME

there have been times when I’ve wanted to return to a situation and be able to experience it again. at the moment i can’t think of a particular event, but I know that it has taken place. There have been times where i miss time spent with a person, or my experience in a certain place and wish I could go back.

But the thing with time is…you don’t get it back. and the thing with going back…it will never be the same.

I think that is one of the many things I’ve learned as I have entered adulthood. That you can’t go back in time. that the memories that you have are what you have been given. you can make new ones, but you can’t really go back and change the ones you have…unless new information is given to you, and then I guess its more of your perspective that changes rather than your memory.

And as much as we would like life to have moments that stay the same, where we live, who we are friends with, our job, our age, but those are things that change, they rarely stay the same.

and so in the midst of this change, i’m learning to adjust (most times). To see the moments as they come and then to commit them to memory and to that beautiful place where I can recollect and revisit in my mind…I am so blessed to have those moments and to call them my own.


five minute friday


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