#FMF – Green

joining up with Kate and all the other brave writers over on her linkup for our Five Minute Friday (Freewrite)
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Prompt: Green

I don’t remember what I was thinking as I stood in line. I had been at the amusement park before, but I’m not sure that I’d been on too many rides. I was content with standing on the ground and screaming as people went through the loops and upside down and backwards and seemed to enjoy it. I was content to have my feet firmly on the ground.

My brother likes the rides. My aunt was with us at the time and she liked the rides. She needed someone to go with her. She said it wouldn’t be that bad. We got into a seat that had the bar come down across your knees and click into place. It was an older wooden coaster, so there weren’t any upside down sections but there were some tall ones and some super fast side to side ones. As the ride clicked up the hill to where it would be released, i think I realized that this was a very bad idea. but it was a little too late. As we launched over the hill we were thrown forward by the force of gravity and I did not feel secure because the bar across my knee lifted just enough to make me feel insecure as I was on the steep incline. Needless to say I put all my might into staying in my seat and also screaming cause I was terrified.

As the ride ended, I staggered off to make my way to my parents who were waiting at the end of the exit. My mom took one look at me and said ‘You don’t look too good. You look green’ and pointed me towards the closest garbage receptacle. I didn’t throw up but my stomach was definitely unhappy.


#FMF – Doubt

joining up pretty late with the people who write for five minutes on one subject and see what comes to rest on the page.

subject: Doubt

I like to think that doubt isn’t an everyday kind of thing. But then…i think it might be.

I would like to think that I can write sometimes I struggle with doubt. but that wouldn’t be the truth.

but i’m not sure that at times I can actually put my finger on what I doubt. But i know its there. Because I live my life like i’m in control, like I doubt he LOVES me, that He will ALWAYS be there, like i doubt that He has made me special, that He has made me beautiful, that He has made me with a purpose and plan.

I doubt it because I see people around me who seem to get it all. They see what He’s at work in. They see where He wants them to be. He sees how He has created them.

and I doubt. I doubt. it runs through my veins. It beats in my heart. and i believe it. Because its easier then fighting for the truth. its easier then knowing that indeed He DOES know. HE is in control. HE does LOVE me. HE WILL always be there. He has made me special. I need to shut my ears to the lies. I need to realize there is truth.

Even in the midst of all the doubt. He STILL loves me. He will calls to me. HE still loves me. that is what my heart should beat. that my heart should long for.

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