I’ve been keeping these things stopped up now for so long that I just can’t find the words. You’ve read that before…its not different now.

My work situation is difficult right now. There has been a high turnover rate in coworkers in the past two months and we are at about 70% brand new heading into the Christmas season. It is frustrating to say the least. As well as schedule usually is done very last minute so we have sometimes a weekend before we are starting the new schedule and I’m not sure he even looks at it, because this past week it was all people who’ve been around for awhile in the morning and brand new people in the evening. all of them new. None of them really having an idea about anything. That sounds like a great idea. Needless to say we’ve heard some interesting stories from our customers…and it seems to go over my managers head why this might be a problem.

Morgan and I living together is going well. We are heading towards our fourth month of living together and we are making it work. We have been able to have some good chats together, gone on a couple road-trips and shopping expeditions and spent some time over food together. I am thankful that our friendship is being built up like this.

Our church bought a building that is not too far from where we live. That is a huge answer to prayer because we needed to not rent, we were running out of room. However, it has meant that we’ve gone to three services and they are all full. I feel like I don’t see anyone anymore, nor have very little contact and so i’m feeling adrift at the church I’ve been at for over 4 years. In the school it was a bit more open so we could see people as they walked by or congregated in similar areas but now it is rare to see anyone really gathered because its too small for people to really gather much of anywhere. I am thankful for the ministries I am involved in so that I am still able to see a couple people one and one, but otherwise I feel adrift. I took a weekend a couple weeks ago to go to a smaller church that is a bit farther but still on our end of the city. I reminded me of the churches I went to growing up, smaller and very family oriented. I wasnt’ as fond of the preaching as what I have at my church but it was Biblically sound and made me ponder things so I think that is good. I didn’t find it overly friendly, only two people said hi to me, but I think that sometimes friendliness comes with time as well. I may take time to visit that church again soon. We’ll see. if I wasn’t in a position of leadership right now, I’d probably make more of an effort to try out a couple other churches. Right now I feel like its just too big.

I was really inspired reading Kroeker and Craig’s book and had responses written to all the chapters and was writing notes and then all of a sudden my inspiration just dried up. It was so frustrating because I really wanted to finish strong with the group. thankful that I can go back and read through others reflections on the chapters, perhaps it will inspire me again. I keep reading things that I am inspired by but then can’t actually get anything to leave my fingers to be reflective of what i’m thinking. maybe one day i’ll be able to put my finger to the keys again and have something worthwhile be produced.


so that is what is happening lately with me.


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