#FMF – Season

joining with Kate and the others to write on one word in five minutes…seeing what it inspires in all of us.


When you get older (not a child) you start to be a big more cognoscente of the changes in life, the seasons that one goes through. When I was younger we moved several times and it was always so difficult for me to leave my friends behind and then start again. But within a years time, the other friendships were a memory and I was deeply entrenched in these new people.

I have always struggled with maintaining deep and meaningful relationships. It has only been the past several years that I have been blessed to have several girlfriends come into my life who were such an integral part of growing me into who I am today.

But the hard part of these relationships is realizing that some of them were only for a season. sometimes its a short season, sometimes its longer. But holding onto people is never helpful…we are human after all. things change, people change, we move on, we move, people pass away, that is how life goes. There is only ONE who remains.

This past year has been one of being reminded of that. In the past year several of my close friendships have changed significantly to the point that only one truly remains, and it has been a season that I’d prefer not having to be in the midst of. But that is life…its a growing place, and each moment and each person is placed by the hand of God.

one of my friends who I had known the longest was married and moved to a city several hours away, another moved to follow her fiance many miles away and another went over seas to serve the Lord and teach up His children. Another dear friend who I had recently come to know and had spoken such words of renewal and challenge in my life had alot on her plate and had to change the nature of our relationship and it hurt deep. All of tehse things seemed to take place in a similar amount of time and it seemed like God was stripping away everyone that I could depend on here in my mortal life, except my extended family of which I am blessed.

And i have to admit that my first response was anger. Because he had taken these relationships from me…and didn’t He know how important these women were in my life. In fact, didn’t he know that in some aspect I didn’t know who i was apart from them? And I suddenly felt very alone and abandoned.

It has been a difficult experience realizing that relationships change, that people change and that there will be people who are only in your life for a season, be it short or long, and the key is to love them deeply but not become so attached to them that you are unsure of yourself when they are gone. and other key is to learn to cling to the One who never changes. Its been a journey of ups and downs for me, learning to trust deeply and the lean even more deeply on Him.

Even though there continues to be some raw pain in these areas, i am so thankful for those people that He is weaving into this season of my life. I am so thankful that he provides just the right friends and the right moments at the right time according to his plan. And i’m even more thankful that these friends are often those who point me toward Him time and again. He knows just what I need


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2 thoughts on “#FMF – Season

  1. It is amazing who God brings in (and out) of our lives. I am also in a season of change and have seen some relationships come and go. Prayers for you! Thanks for the reminder that it is not healthy to hang on to those relationships that have moved on. šŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful. It really is hard to realize those seasons change. But I’m so thankful for the people God brings into my life. I’m blessed to call you friend. Love ya. I’m parked in the #46 spot.

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