#FMF -What

this week Kate has done something unprecedented…she has allowed us to choose our own FMF word. But this has created all kinds of chaos…because what word should we choose? and how should we end our year of FMF writing? and how can I think of a word that I can think of only five minutes of things to write about?

But it seems that her prompting worked well…because there have been many who have signed up with their specific words and its intriguing this week to see what was brought to mind. Usually we’re all writing on the same thing…but this time it was up to use to figure it out…interesting what topic was brought to mind for each person.

I too am struggling with what to write about. There are many things that have popped up in my mind.

Around this time each year I remember the accident that claimed the lives of two young men with whom I had been in a school assembly (at a very small school) just that day. Christmas has become a somber event for me as a result. I am thankful for the gathering with family, for the traditions shared, for the reflection on Christ’s birth…but it will always have a bit of a cloud hanging over it.

I think of how this year has gone, much differently then I expected. The frustration of work with a manager who was very difficult to work with. The people who have come and gone from my place of employment. My traditional freak out every year in which I attempt to look for another place of employment, and then after all the work of sending out resumes, collapse into a heap of fatigue because it just requires so much emotional and mental energy…and there I stay in my job.

But there are highlights too.

My women’s group from the beginning of this year and the end of this year have been a tremendous blessing.

I have made a couple new friends whom I am so blessed through.

I have taken over leading the Resource Table at church which has been a very overwhelming but rewarding undertaking.

I have gotten to know some kiddos in the Grade 3 classroom at church and their parents which is always good in a church that is every expanding.

We moved into our new church building…after many years of renting auditoriums at schools.

Morgan and I moved into an apartment in a new to me section of town and are slowly making it all work.

and I guess that is the what that i am writing on. My past year. My memories today. the moments that have shaped me this year.

I have inklings of what God wants to do in the coming year in my life. Words He’s given me to ponder, ideas that he’s got rooting in my soul. He is at work.



1 thought on “#FMF -What

  1. We were both a little late to the party this week. There has always been a bit of a cloud hanging over the holiday season for me too. My parents separated around that time many, many years ago. And yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my Uncle’s home going. He is greatly missed.I’m so thankful that you have good memories from this year. He is always working!

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