#FMF- Quiet

joining up (later, better than never) with those wonderful writers who throw down five minutes of words upon the page prompted by a one word prompt. Let the inspiration begin!

prompt: quiet

I didn’t notice it at first. I was too busy taking in the treetops we were floating over, the rain that was gently falling and turning into snow as we got higher up the mountain.

and then it was like a sudden realization, a dawning if you will. it was quiet. it was like we were in another world.

my aunt and I were in a gondola climbing the side of a mountain in the Rockies of British Colombia. We had wanted to see the sights from the top of the mountain and unfortunately it was cloudy. But i figured we should have the adventure anyway, and we headed up.

I truly felt that the gondola was like a highway into another world. as we kept going up, we traversed several rocks faces until we could no longer see where we had come from. And the quiet…it was so beautiful. the trees stood tall covered in a beautiful coat of white. the flakes gently drifting through the air. and we drifted to..though helped by technology.

it was such a beautiful moment.

and then I realized that how much the general noise of the everyday is something that I take in all the time, and don’t realize how loud it is until i’m in a ‘isolation chamber’ of sorts and i find my soul and heart sighing as they find a bit of time for quiet.


five minute friday


3 thoughts on “#FMF- Quiet

  1. Hi, Janel, I really love what you wrote about quiet. I read your bio too and saw your dual citizenship. So where was this gondola ride? My husband and I honeymooned in Calgary and Banff years ago and we did the gondola near Jasper. Your words on quiet brought back that memory. You tell such a beautiful, visual story in this post. I’m trying to find myself too, so to speak, so I enjoyed reading your About page and look forward to reading more in the future. Keep up the great writing. -Christina Hubbard @ http://www.creativeandfree.com/ (visiting from Five Minute Friday)

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