#FMF – Limit

squeaking in my entry for this past week’s FMF before this week’s prompt is given tonight 😉


i often don’t think about them. the limits of this life on earth. sometimes i just live like i have all kinds of hours and moments before me.

but the truth is…we don’t know. we don’t know what moment is our to be called home. And we live like time runs ever before us…that we’ll always have time to get to those things that we’re called to do, asked to do…and continue to put off.

i’m speaking to myself here, because there have been far too many times when I have known what I’m to do, and have walked the other direction. I’m not making a choice where I literally think ‘i’ve got so much time ahead, i don’t need to follow through now’ but i’m definitely making a choice that marks my life being lived as believing that.

sometimes i’ve been challenged to think about what if you were living in your last moments. what would your life look like? what would be important to you? and how would it change who you are adnw hat you live for? perhaps these things are cerebral or spiritual…but they are things to be considered.

because from our moment of breathe…we are all living to death. we are in a state of dying…our bodies are in decay and sometimes they show that to us faster then other times. yet we live in the falsity of believing somehow that we think we have forever on this earth.

what will it take for me to realize that the time i have is precious. that i’m  not promised tomorrow, but rather this moment. and that each breath is grace…



five minute friday



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