#FMF – Easy

joining up at the last minute with Kate and the crew as we write for Five Minutes on one prompt, without editing and see what comes out of our fingers on the keyboard, or through our pens. Always a fantastic exercise and always fascinating to read others takes on the word as well. Don’t forget to link up and to read some of those who have linked up around you 😉

Prompt: Easy

I’m a strange combination of introvert and extrovert. Meeting people is usually not a problem for me, one could say its easy. But i prefer it to be one on one. That is how I best am able to take things in.

So at a place like the retreat that I found myself at this past Wednesday, or the Festival I found myself at Thursday through Saturday, I generally didn’t have alot of problem connecting with individuals with whom I found myself sitting. I can’t say that they were all fast friends, in fact that was the one time that I saw several of them. However, there were a few whom I was blessed to see each day, and they kept me going.

I’ve never really been good at maintaining friendship. Sometimes social cues and constructs are things that pass me by in a sea of haze. and it seems that there are those to whom friendship making and keeping seems to come easily and naturally. I am blessed to have friends. I’m blessed that they put up with me despite me. And i’m blessed that there are those whom I meet in days past and perhaps days ahead that God would have a specific purpose for friendship with in my life.

I have been learning, as I grow older, that there are people in your life sometimes for a short season and sometimes for a longer season in life. And sometimes its not something that I have particularly done that has ended the friendship or caused it to change, but rather just life moving on and people changing.

I am blessed to have people in my life that I can look to as models of friendship. i know they aren’t perfect. But they are striving to make things right if they need to be, and invest into people and be willing to share of themselves in turn. I am thankful that building friendships seems to come easily to them, they are certainly good at sharing it before others. and as someone that needs to learn how to build and maintain deep relationships, I am indeed blessed.


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