#FMF – Expect

Joining with Kate and crew for Five Minute Friday. One word prompt, five minutes to write and letting go of our fears as whatever comes upon the page makes itself known.

Prompt: Expect

Expectations have got me in trouble more times than I’d care to remember.
One of my fave quotes about expectations is:
Expectations are the termites of relationships.”
Oh how I have learned time and time again how true this is. I’m not sure if you can ever approach anything expectation free…at least I am sure there are very few times in my own life where this has been possible.
This past year has been one of realizing how much hurt is associated with expectation for me. Especially when you are one who does not deal with situations as they arise, but rather ignores their existance hoping someone else will mention that things need to change.
I had a rather devestating conversation several weeks ago in which i was challenged to addess my expectations, among other things. I guess in some way the hurt i was feeling i felt was justified, and perhaps it was. But there were also other things that needed to be addressed because as much as I wanted things to come to pass they were never going to be a reality.
I have often struggled with friendships and relationships,  and realize that I have a long way to go. I also need to learn that I’m not the only one pringing expectations into the equation.
These are areas in which I most definately am still a work in progress.


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