#FMF – Heal

Hello friends.

its been some time since I wrote here. Since I even joined with the link-up. Its a little late, as they next fmfparty is this evening…but I’m giving it a go.

I am thankful for the community found in this group. It has literally been one of the biggest things that’s kept me going through the past couple years.

Joining up with Kate and writing for five minutes and just letting the words tumble out on the page…has been incredibly cathartic. Linking up has had me seeing what has been on others minds on the same or completely different vein, yet united by the same word.

write on friend.

Prompt: Heal

I do not completely know what has dried up the words that used to flow so on the page. I have lots of ideas, lots of things i’m working through or thinking through, and yet every time I sit down to type them out…my fingers are stilled. I can’t seem to find the words, though they are literally in my mouth, and choking me.

I have been thinking of many things over the past months, but there have been a couple that have stayed with me for awhile.

I went to a baseball game with a guy that I had a crush on, the whole situation had me freaking out and rehashing alot of pain from my past relationship wise. The day before we were to hang out, I was talking with a friend and I have no idea what exactly she said, but God’s peace just poured into the situation, and I felt like this might be a good experience for me and something I could do without all that baggage. We ended up having a great time, and have since become friends. I am thankful for this surprise blessing. But it also revealed to me how much pain is still in my heart from past relationships.

A year or so ago, I wrote about the loss of several friendships in my life that left me reeling. That is still the case for at least one of them. There is healing and forgiveness that needs to happen in all of them, but one is still so deep its almost toxic to touch. I’m trying to get rid of that toxicity. its only hurting me. But recently in the past year, I have lost another friend who I thought was going to be a close friend. I’m not sure what happened, besides life getting in the way, but it feels like there is a great chasm between us. However, this summer through a series of events I found myself in a small group of women of whom I wouldn’t have picked them to be friends with, but who have ended up being what I needed and some of the most genuine and upfront people i’ve ever met. My people pleasing heart needed to be reminded of speaking up for myself and setting boundaries, among other things learned this summer. i also was just given the opportunity to hang out with some girls at church that I have known only casually but am no going to get to know more deeply as friends. The idea to sit on the porch and drink coffee together on a saturday morning came out of the blue…and I quickly snatched it up. I’m not sure what God has planned, but I am excited for that as well.

I’m sure that some of what is closing my mouth is things like fear that i’m letting have more power than i should. but there is power in the overcoming. and stepping out and evening taking one step…is one less thing to fear about because you’ve done something and you’ve lived. I’m trying to seek healing over here friends…i want it to be quick, but i’m pretty sure its a life long thing. its tiring carrying all this around, when it wasn’t meant to be baggage or mine to carry ever.

love you


five minute friday



One thought on “#FMF – Heal

  1. I was just thinking of you this morning. I have missed chatting with you, missed reading your words. I’m glad to see you here again.

    Fear and baggage… Boy, do I get that. So much heaviness. Dear Janel, you are beautiful, fantastic. You are unique and placed in this generation for a specific purpose. You are His.

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