#FMF – Abandon

Joining with those who write at Kate’s place, as we are united in writing over one word, though our particular journey’s reflected are so unique. write for five minutes, let it all out on the page, and make sure to stop and see what others have to say about the same prompt. Love my people who write for #fmf!


She sat cross legged on the moss covered rock. Her fingers feeling the rough edges of growth on a smooth surface not meant to sustain life. it was a soft place to land, where if she had chosen a different rock she might have been uncomfortable with its hardness. There was a barrier here. Something that had grown up…and she now sank deep into its folds.

it was quiet here. she had removed herself from the sounds of the city, which often overwhelmed her sensitive nature. it all felt like pollution piling into her ears, breathing it in through conversation and out through tears of frustration. this was the place she knew to come to in order to be refreshed.

the quiet wasn’t truly quiet. but it was a change from the chaos of the rest of life. the wind made the branches sway and their creaking filled her ears. The birds had begun their spring time chattering, and the songs began to gather around her. she felt them as an embrace, a call to come and join in.

lifting herself from the moss covered stone, she stepped forward under the swaying branches into the patch of light that had entered this sacred space. She closed her eyes, and listened to the melody that had begun to fill her senses, that as she breathed in began to fill her with light, with breathe, with peace

she heard the note that was her cue to begin. as she raised her arms, she began to sway and her feet moved of their own accord. She was lost in the music of the forest around her, and she had been filled up with its tune. She had become abandoned to the song, to the dance, to the quiet.

five minute friday





8 thoughts on “#FMF – Abandon

  1. Hi Janel. I’m one of your neighbors at FMF, and I enjoyed your post today.

    I was drawn in by the French words in your blog name; I am one quarter French, although not fluent, as one of my Grandmothers is French. I am a Canadian who married an American and now happily live in New England. Whenever I see or hear French around me now, it stands out and reminds me a bit of “home”.

    I also love your photo; I enjoy taking photographs as well, especially of nature, and then sharing some of them in my blogs.

    Your writing is very poetic and makes me want to keep reading. I really love your writing style! I tend to be more practical (just “talking”), whereas yours was almost musical.

    Keep writing beautiful things!

  2. Janel,
    wow! I was transported away to your serenity that you so beautifully wove together. Your imagery in the still shot and your silvery spun wording were skillfully working as one.
    Thank you. That deep pause and breath of fresh air were music to my parched soul!
    (your neighbor on FMF tonight at #76)

  3. I absolutely loved reading this. I work in a warehouse, and when I’ve had a really tough day and the sun is shining outside, I just get out. My favourite place is a little walk behind the warehouse through some woods. I often just stand there to breath it all in. This really captures what I experience!

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