#FMF – Excuse

The link up for this one is done but I thought I would still give it a whirl.


I still remember sitting at the light waiting for it to turn green. I was right across from my place of employment and would be there as soon as the light changed from red to green. 

I have no idea what program or who was speaking on the radio but a comment was made about excuses. I have since this moment desperately attempted to recall the exact words and searched in vain for them online.

The words were spoken and it was like an explosion inside my head. Something clicked and I saw excuses in a whole new light. I have since made an effort not to make excuses but to speak truth. 

You can fill the day with excuses or you can acknowledge what is or had happened and move forward. Excuses often revolve around a situation where the truth being given might land you in hot water or create a difficult situation. In this sense it seems dear drives excuses.

I still wish I could remember the exact words that had such an impact but it seems they were just for that moment to change my thinking. 


Joining up with my Five Minute Friday fellow writers

#FMF – Silence

Joining up with my friends who write for five minutes on one word...and then share what has uniquely inspired them.

Prompt: Silence

and when we speak we are afraid              our words will not be heard                          or welcomed                                                      but when we are silent                                     we are still afraid                                              * Audre Lourde

I am not fond of conflict. In fact as soon as I sense conflict, I begin to retreat into myself or very quickly remove myself from the situation. Often when I share an opinion and it is quickly shot down or argued quite heatedly with, I will clam up and not add to the conversation.

In my head, I have some fierce arguments and stunning rebuttals, but they rarely make their way out of my mouth to be heard in the light of day.

I am not sure why I so often choke on my words. I am not quiet and demure. I can offer many a word in conversation, but there are somethings that remain barracaded from being spoken.

Sometimes I think the silence I maintain on these subjects is for the better. That isn’t always so. I just so often don’t know how or when to speak up for myself.

I don’t want to have the thoughts that are vulnerable and raw accosted or even more painful…rejected. I take things personally and that would seem like a bone deep dismissal of my very self.

Sometimes I chose silence. Sometimes fear holds my words hostage.