#FMF – Different

Always a pleasure to join up with my favorite community Five Minute Friday and write on a prompt for five minutes.

Prompt: Different

I don’t really consider myself a traditionalist in many things, but the one time that tradition seems important to me is in celebrating holidays with my family.

As the years have gone by and life has changed it has been difficult for me to see things become different than they once were.

Since my brother has more often than not lived far from us the past 10 years he hasn’t had alot of chance to be part of the getting ready for Christmas that we often do.

We used to go and buy a real tree for years. We would tromp out into the fields at a farm and try to size up what we could see. Sometimes there was no snow to be found and we had umbrellas for the rain. Sometimes we had to make a path thru the snow. My mom developed an allergy to the trees so we have since had a fake tree.

We have collected individual ornaments since we were born. My parents chose the theme of horses for my brother and bells for me.

– – – end of time

I have since developed a love of ornaments in general and have more than my years. My brother’s still get put up on the tree faithfully.

Our celebration dates have changed as well as we have my sister and her family to think of as well. So we have often celebrated with them in January.

The first year my brother wasn’t coming home for December it was hard on the rest of us. My brother reminded us that we were blessed to have all the years together that we did.

I am not fond of different but sometimes it comes wether you summon it or not.