#FMF- Intentional

Joining up with my friends over at Five Minute Friday to write for five minutes on one topic and see what happens to appear on the page. Also visiting others who link up is the fun part, to see what the word happened to prompt for them.

its a great opportunity to just put some words down and if you are anything like me lately, the only time that I write. But its good to keep those words flowing.

Prompt: Intentional
Intentional – (adj) done with intention or on purpose
Intention – (n) act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result; purpose; meaning or significance
(syn) aim, hope, motive, objective, plan, purpose, goal

There needs to be intention in looking for a job. But let me tell you, I am very good about being intentional in doing all the other things that aren’t as necessary but find their way on to my plate.

I seem to be someone who is not motivated by some of the ways many people are. I have been motivated but it isnt something you could wrap in a bow and hand me over and over again.

I tend to take life slow and I need alot of extra sleep. I am forever feeling exhausted. Sometimes I sleep to excape the overwhelm, sometimes because my body is emotionally and mentally overstimulated.

I wonder sometimes wether I have let laziness because something that I could find myself named by. If I follow the Enneagram correctly I find myself most represented by the 9. The fatal flaw of 9’s is sloth. An inability to follow through, an aversion to conflict and being asleep in mmmore ways than physically.

I need to step up into my life. I need to be intentional about my life and the choices I need to make.



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