#FMF -Surrender

Joining up with my dear friends over at Five Minute Friday, a wonderful community of writers who are like family.

Prompt: Surrender

If I close my eyes

The noises grow louder

My thoughts warring for space

Pieces of things said to me echo

And it feels like I’m vibrating

If only when I opened my mouth

All these thoughts, words, feelings

Could pour silently from my mouth

Released into the wild open

Of the everyday world

Perhaps they would become lost

In the noise that makes up

The day to day

And I’d be free

To close my eyes

Just lean back

Feel the sun on my face

And surrender

To quiet

At least for now


7 thoughts on “#FMF -Surrender

  1. Thank you for this poem! The reminder to release things in our lives so that we can receive deep rest has come up a number of times in the past few days… your poem was yet another reminder of that truth.

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