#FMF – Routine

Joining up with my friends and community over at Five Minute Friday

Prompt: Routine

There is something to having a series of steps to follow.

I am the kind of person who needs to write tasks down to make sure I keep things in order, but I also don’t like being locked into a list.

Usually my routine in a day would revolve around my work schedule, but since I have been out of work for several months that hasn’t been the case.

I have had to create a list of tasks to get done in a day and in turn in the week so that I am productive in my activities rather than just letting time pass in mindless activities.

It has been good that I have been able to attend seminars, work on resumes and visit with friends so I have things to make a routine around.


#FMF – Tired

Joining up (at the last minute) with my community over at Five Minute Friday.

Writing for five minutes on one topic and seeing what it brings to mind. Always a good challenge. Also always intrigues me how so many can write on the same word and have different takes on it.

Prompt: Tired

I’ve been out of work for two months now. Its been a hard time of trusting God has something for me and then doing my part to get things moving.

The act of resume writing has always been exhausting for me. I am not sure if it is my perfectionist leanings or my lack of self-esteem, but it is a long process. I have a hard time expressing how I can fulfill the role requested with my particular skills. Thankfully God directed to me to an Employment Ontario group who have given me a much broader range of skills. I am still tired while doing the writing and organizing but I know that I have resources. I get in my own way sometimes, putting off things because just thinking about what needs to be done overwhelms me. I have missed out on some opportunities as a result. It is easy for me to start the list of berating words that let me know how I actually feel about myself no matter what kind of pulled together front I take with me into interviews. Fear and not alot of belief in myself have definitely been a hinderance on this journey. But this time I see them and I am learning o fight back.